Thursday, October 9, 2008

So this is Blog

Alrighty, so I have officially created a blog and I haven't the slightest clue as to how I use it- Jennifer it is now your personal duty to teach me seeing as how you were the instigator in this whole ordeal. Today has been a rather unproductive day. I don't exactly have anything I necessarily need to produce but I should probably do something so I don't become a complete bum. I slept in until eight this morning. It was amazing, let me tell you. When you are normally waking up at 5:45 AM and your internal clock wakes you up no later than 6 AM and somehow you sleep in later, it is a gift :D ha ha. I proceeded to take a shower and put on my bathrobe and have done nothing but read a little bit and dink around on the computer. Had I not been dinking around I wouldn't have to worry about writing in this- I love to write so this shall be either really boring or highly entertaining. Maybe we can find a happy medium? So, if anyone knows how to personalize this blog more you should share your good knowledge with me for I do not know how to do any of this :D This evening is enrichment, it's called PJ's. Pedicures and Journals. We're wearing our pajamas. How delightful. I've been asked to teach the girls a quick lesson on how to do a personal pedicure. Isn't that cute.... here's the catch, I am only explaining. Not demonstrating or anything. They're going to bored out of their minds- I wouldn't want to listen to a girl talk about a pedicure... "and this is the cuticle pusher, use it to push back your cuticles.... and then after you have done this use the cuticle nippers to trim off the excess cuticle that you have now pushed back, But do be careful- if you're diabetic, you should not be trimming your cuticles!" WHHAAAT!? Why are they going to want to listen to me? They're going to be like, here's my foot- now polish it =D ha ha. I would. Oh well. Where is my positive enthusiasm? We should take a poll of how many people you think will come tonight--- the females in a single's ward have a tendency to be MIA during enrichment. We shall see how this evening turns out. Until I have anything exciting or worthwhile to share, I must bid you adieu as I am STILL hungry and um... should probably get dressed. Take Luck!

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